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  • 1. Mould design controlMP can provide product analysis and Mouldflow report, will feedback customers with the issue arising on the product drawing, such as the Thin thickness area, shrinkage mark, welting mark, Air vent, undercuts, gate location, gate type, etc. After design finished, we’ll check on the Mould strength, part line, cooling system, interference area, Thin thickness area, etc. To be sure the drawing provide by MP is in the excellent status for the longer mould life and work efficiency for customers.
  • 2. Mould material controlSteel supplier are requested to provide steel quality guarantee certificate and steel certificate, MP will do steel inspection before acceptance.
  • 3. Mould Processing quality controlControlling key procedure quality and manage the project progress according to mold processing documents, MP provide weekly progress and quality report to customer. The mould technician are required to check the Mold appearance,cooling system, mold assemble, process procedures carefully according to MP standard and customers standard.
  • 4. Mould spare parts purchasing and controlWe’ll focus on qualified spare parts to meet customer requirement on standard parts models, standard quality and needed purchase time.
  • 5. Mould assembly controlPhysical processing will be undertook as per the established procedure documents and be inspected relatively, strictly checking on the matching between core, cavity, inserts, guide pillar, return pin, angle lifter, sliders, ejector pin, cooling system, connector,etc
  • 6. Mould check before shipmentPrepare documents before shipment, such as spare parts list, mold testing vedio, processing files, 2D/3Ddrawings. For sure we’ll packing and shipping as per customer’s requirements with safety protecting for sea and air shipment.